“Start where you are. Use what you have.

Do what you can.”

~Arthur Ashe

Post-Physical Therapy Strength and Conditioning

How well and how quickly you completely recover from your injury depends on how well you follow your post-PT program.

Physical therapy (PT) can pose great demand on patients, especially those who have never exercised before but who are determined to work hard to rebuild their body and their life. Adherence is rarely a problem for the duration of the prescribed PT program, thanks to scheduled appointments with a therapist to lead the patient through the first phase of recovery. Once discharged, however, patients are left to rely on themselves to adhere to post-rehab exercise programs outside of the clinic, and very often don’t follow through. This can cut short the healing and rehabilitation process, stopping short of a full range of motion, strength, and function.

I can help you fully make that transition, to continue progressing and gain confidence.

Beth Stewart Fitness Service
Beth Stewart Fitness Service

My programs offer:

  • Review of your movement history, injury history, therapy progression and current lifestyle and independent exercises
  • Private, customized sessions to continue building strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Detailed instructions for home-based exercises, as needed
  • Smooth transition from post-PT to regular activities with confidence.

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