“Start where you are. Use what you have.
Do what you can.”




I recently went on a 5-day hiking trip in Switzerland, which was probably the most physically challenging experience I have done in years. The training I have been doing with Beth for the past three years enabled me to push and challenge my body to complete the hike strong, and injury free. I had such confidence, I felt empowered and so good about myself. THANK YOU, BETH!!

~Beth P.





I was uncomfortable in my own body, I was losing strength and balance, thinking of knee replacement, and at 67 years old, I thought that was how the aging process worked.  As I celebrate my one-year anniversary with Beth, so much has changed for me. I am stronger, my balance is better, and I’ve lost 30 pounds but, more importantly, my confidence has improved. Thanks to Beth, a knee that was giving me problems is no longer an issue. Thanks to Beth, my eating habits have improved and continue to evolve in a better direction.  The personal attention made a huge difference and gave me the help I needed to improve my diet and my fitness. She makes atmosphere friendly and supportive while giving me the push I needed to get stronger. I am thrilled with the changes that I’ve seen in myself since I started working out with Beth and I’m relieved to find out that it’s possible to be fit and fabulous at any age.

~Cindy W.  




I have been working with Beth for years, and she has increased my strength, balance and energy, especially impressive since I had never exercised on a regular basis before. Beth has a talent for finding just the right program for me, not easy since I have chronic leg and knee problems from an auto accident over 55 years ago. I never get bored as she always comes up with something new. She challenges me to do more than I ever thought I could do, but never more than I can handle.

~Sylvia R.



I have always been an athlete and always maintained a moderate level of conditioning. Then there was covid. Lack of activity, and poor eating habits allowed my body to age a decade in just a few short years. I am a hiker. I broke my ankle. My joints stiffened. I lost my desire to move and be physically active. I even found it uncomfortable to drive for extended periods of time because my lower back would cramp and spasm. It seemed like i got old overnight. Beth got me moving. Slowly at first. A few stretches. I few resistant exercises and back to a healthy routine. If you are over 50? If you need motivation? If you need a knowledgeable trainer to keep you on track than give Beth a call. I am still old. I just move like I am decades younger than I am. Thanks Beth!

~Ed W.  



When I started with Beth at Dauntless Fitness, I was at a low point in my exercise career because I hadn’t worked out in years.  I was afraid to start again because I thought I might hurt myself and did not know where to begin, so I thought I’d give it a try, and contacted Beth.   Beth’s depth of experience demonstrates a strong understanding of the human body and interconnections of the muscles and skeletal system, so my fears of injury were quickly forgotten!  Her depth of knowledge and experience are immediately obvious and the results I’ve achieved are a real success story!

~Veronica M.



Having worked with other personal trainers through the years, Beth is one of the most knowledgeable. The small adjustments to my form she makes result in a better workout. Her positivity is motivating and makes workouts fun. I highly recommend working with Beth as a personal trainer.

~Carmel E.



I have just hit my 1-year mark of seeing Beth twice weekly! Each session is customized for what works for me. The few times I’ve said the exercise doesn’t feel good BETH makes adjustments to make the exercise work for me & my body! I am so happy that I made this commitment to make myself stronger!

~N. Sansbury